I came to the conclusion all “radical” “liberal” “progressive” “black nationalist” “pan africanist” social justice warriors in the west are slaves to pre-defined issues set by private media.The focus and attention is always on popular or newsworthy international issues deemed necessary by the media like Palestine. It has become fashionable to speak on issues that get mainstream attention instead of spotlighting injustices that don’t receive any coverage for a reason. These social media social justice warriors could help to spotlight injustice like the genocide in Ogaden,the occupation of Western Sahara by Morocco,the oppression in West Papua,the Maoist struggle in India and many other injustice around the world that are kept in the dark by the private media.
The 13th year long occupation of Eritrean territory by the western backed Ethiopia regime has been kept in the dark and not mentioned to the level of Palestine struggle by the same “radical marxist,Maoist” “liberal” “progressive” “black nationalist” “pan africanist” alternative media camps or popular social media personality.Ethiopia must withdraw from Eritrean land for peace to happen! The unjust sanctions and illegal occupation on Eritrea must end! The injustices on Eritrea should be covered by all alternative media!11147048_459788900853177_161590097805339284_n