Repost from April 28th 2015

South Sudan is slipping into a third world colony of the Ethiopian regime as the regime is responsible for fueling the internal crisis and later helping to manage it so that it gets leverage for its own needs by acting as a neutral actor inorder to get support from Washington.This has been the modus operandi of the TPLF regime in its destabilization of the Horn of Africa from South Sudan,Djibouti to Somalia.
South Sudan future depends on steadfast leadership that can ungrip from Ethiopian and American interferences in its own affair and also the NGO/AID industrial complex that are pillaging the nation’s raw resources.The government has to kick out all white missionaries and capitalist land grabbers looting and stealing from the people.No matter how much Eritrea tries to warn South Sudan the people have to be aware of the external actors preying on their nation like scavengers.
“Eritrea is a very important country to us as South Sudanese and as government, considering the support we have had from the government and people of Eritrea during the struggle. It is one of the countries whose relations are rooted on the historical ties and one of the countries we consult on important matters. Because of these historical relations, we believe Eritrea can play a role in the search for peace in our country because we are looking for an African solution to this current conflict”, said South Sudan’s ambassador to Eritrea, Paul Macuei.
Eritrean leader warns foreign powers over S. Sudan conflict