Repost May 24th 2015

Happy Independence Day to All Eritreans! A note on progress and reconciliation for our golden year

President Isaias Afewerki today in his speech mention the need to assess the past 24 years and how we can improve on it as Eritrea progresses. We must make sure that the Eritrean revolution and its principles have to be held in high regards and our martyrs ultimate sacrifices are the basis of our unity and nationalism. The need to evaluate the state of Eritrean unity in the diaspora,our collective consciousness,how we view ourselves and our Eritrean nationalism and how we settle any differences as we move forward are important. Our diaspora communities around the world for the most part are united but there are a small minority of Eritreans who oppose the State of Eritrea and its government on the basis of political disagreement. Those Eritreans who have legitimate political grievances need to be separated from those individuals leaders in the “Eritrean opposition” camp who are closeted neo andinets that have exploited the G-15 and September 2001 incident for a chance to demoralize the Eritrean diaspora unity and sense of Eritrean nationalism for 14 years. In 2001 no Eritrean would have thought about demonizing the glorious May 24th day or the Eritrean revolution but these few individuals in the “opposition” have become more courageous throughout the years.Eritreans who fall for these individuals are innocent pawns in their agenda to reverse Eritrea independence to pre-1991.The political grievances of those innocent Eritreans can be evaluated on the foundation of Eritrean traditional customary laws, PFDJ charter,Eritrean constitution,and the new penal and civil laws. We must reconcile our political differences and heal our divided communities in the next few years. It is my hope that PFDJ and Goverment of Eritrea calls on all Eritreans to unite and comeback to Eritrea as our unity should be protected by all means. PFDJ is a movement of the people and must end the PRO-GOE and ANTI-GOE false divide in the diaspora.

Awet Ne Hafash!
Victory to the Masses!

Happy Independence My people!