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ISIS beheading of Ethiopians in Libya:Why are Ethiopian fleeing Ethiopia?

Repost April 25th

Regarding last week ISIS beheading of Ethiopians in Libya
The question everyone should be asking themselves is why the regime in Ethiopia has not acknowledge the people as their own and for what reason are they distancing themselves from the narrative of accepting Ethiopian migrating in droves to Libya,Yemen,Israel etc
Ethiopia under the reign of the western backed regime has been given a carefully tailored PR narrative on its economy and politics.The Economist,CNN,BBC etc and other western press mouthpiece have always put Ethiopia as a poster child of “free market” success with its padded GDP growth and “democratic” election results.But the reality inside Ethiopia could not be different as young Ethiopians are unemployed and for years have been migrating out of the country.
Ethiopians who migrate out of Ethiopia are not granted automatic asylum so they have to forge documents and pretend to be Eritreans in the refugees camps in Ethiopia,Sudan and other immigration offices all over the world. The Eritrean government has caught wind of this and has upgraded Eritrean identification practices in Eritrea to end this forgery.
The UNHCR and other other similar groups for the last 13 years have granted automatic asylum to specifically Eritreans only for intention of weakening Eritrea’s workforce and defense capabilities by luring Eritrean youth out of Eritrea with the promise of a better life in Europe-USA.This long running targeted policy on Eritrea is understood in the context of Eritrean government not being obedient to American government,NGO/AID industrial complex and white Christian missionary saviors wishes.
During the last 13 years the traditional western press have purposely downplayed the migration numbers of Ethiopians and deflected to Eritreans migration for the purpose of demonizing Eritrean government and demoralizing the Eritrean population abroad.
The ISIS beheading of Ethiopians in Libya and the acknowledgment of their nationality by the western press is unusual. Maybe it was done so for the purpose of galvanizing African support for American war adventures in Libya under the guise of chasing ISIS.What are Ethiopians doing in Libya if Ethiopia has high GDP growth and “democracy”? Regardless if it is done on purpose or not this helps to put a hole in the dubious PR tailored narrative of Ethiopia’s economy and political stability under the TPLF regime.

South Sudan: A Ethiopian Colony?

Repost from April 28th 2015

South Sudan is slipping into a third world colony of the Ethiopian regime as the regime is responsible for fueling the internal crisis and later helping to manage it so that it gets leverage for its own needs by acting as a neutral actor inorder to get support from Washington.This has been the modus operandi of the TPLF regime in its destabilization of the Horn of Africa from South Sudan,Djibouti to Somalia.
South Sudan future depends on steadfast leadership that can ungrip from Ethiopian and American interferences in its own affair and also the NGO/AID industrial complex that are pillaging the nation’s raw resources.The government has to kick out all white missionaries and capitalist land grabbers looting and stealing from the people.No matter how much Eritrea tries to warn South Sudan the people have to be aware of the external actors preying on their nation like scavengers.
“Eritrea is a very important country to us as South Sudanese and as government, considering the support we have had from the government and people of Eritrea during the struggle. It is one of the countries whose relations are rooted on the historical ties and one of the countries we consult on important matters. Because of these historical relations, we believe Eritrea can play a role in the search for peace in our country because we are looking for an African solution to this current conflict”, said South Sudan’s ambassador to Eritrea, Paul Macuei.
Eritrean leader warns foreign powers over S. Sudan conflict

Impact of Malcolm X on my consciousness

Impact of Malcolm X on my consciousness

Repost from May 19th 2015

Reflective note on the impact of Malcolm X on my consciousness

The great Malcolm X would have turned 90 today and it is hard to imagine a world without Malcolm X.As an Eritrean I grow up with the mindset that being Eritrean is like being on an island alone and everyone else was somewhere else.I feel this is due to Eritrea’s history from the silence of Africa and not getting any support or understanding from black America during our struggle against Ethiopian colonialism.During my earlier years I never self identify myself as black due to the betrayal of Eritrea also I felt culturally out of place from the black experience.Never saw myself as separate from the black diaspora but had a deep disdain on being forced to identify as black because I felt it erases my Eritrean identity. I would get into fights at school and arguments when people called me “black” or “Ethiopian” as I was solely driven by letting people know I was Eritrean.

But as I matured politically I began to relate better to the black experience by understanding white supremacy impact on Eritrea. I now firmly identify myself as black racially and i wholeheartedly admire black America resiliency from the struggles of slavery,Jim crow,to present day institutionalized racism.

My transition in consciousness and how i view my identity and race throughout my life is influenced by The Autobiography of Malcolm X book.Sankofa Brown said it perfectly on Malcolm X impact “The greatest lesson I learned from Malcolm X was never be afraid to challenge your own logic, admit shortcomings, and seek to growth”.Political consciousness whether it is fined tuned on Eritrea only or the world is a everyday process as we should continuously question,evolve and admit when we are wrong. I love Malcolm X to my being and his thinking as he has awakened me to look at the world differently and that is the reason why I advocate better connection between black diaspora and Eritrea as our struggles are connected.

Happy Birthday to my hero!